Streamline Your Event Operations with Our Convention Management Software

Our flexible event management solution helps convention organizers plan, coordinate, and execute all aspects of their event operations. Our centralized system provides vendor contracting, session scheduling, credential management, and more to fandom, gaming, and consumer conventions worldwide.

Features Fit for Convention Organizers

Robust Contact Management

Use our convention operations system to manage all your event’s contacts from one database. Manage sponsorship submissions, vendor applications, and volunteer advancement forms, while tracking any travel and hospitality arrangements, associated financials, and contracts.

Extensive Credentialing & Pass Management

With our software, you can create and allocate all credentials being used throughout your event including guest and VIP wristbands, parking passes, and backstage production credentials. Track when and to whom passes are distributed, and quickly make any on-site changes.

Effortless Content Organization

Keep your event schedule, vendor list, venue information, and other important details up-to-date across all of your public-facing platforms with our convention management tools and app integrations.

Intelligent Catering Tools

Streamline all your event’s catering needs with our convention operations software. Assign on-site catering credentials, issue meal tickets, scan your guests into designated catering areas, and pull live reports to accurately track your guests’ meal history and totals.

Secure Asset Tracking & Issuance

Use our convention planning tools to build a comprehensive list of the physical assets and equipment needed to produce your event. Request, approve, and issue assets to event staff with the correct credentials and easily gather accurate order totals for billback amounts.

Grow Your Business

Increase Revenue

Create new revenue streams with application fees and a guest pass request system.

Decrease Costs

Reduce staffing, catering, web development, and asset ordering costs.

Save Time

Cut down on the repetitive tasks of convention management and decrease data entry errors.

“The fact is, before using Marcato, managing updates to our event schedules was a nightmare, having to update information in three separate places: our internal schedule, our website, and our mobile application. With this integration, we only needed to update our schedule in one place and the changes were pushed to everything automatically.”

Scott Péron, VP of Operations
Ottawa Comiccon

“Marcato has played a critical role in keeping our team organized, and the web forms make it so easy to collect the information we need from our artists, delegates, and volunteers with no manual entry required.”

Geoff Trio, Director
Australian Music Week

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