Weather Delays: Urgent Festival Communication Tips

December 6, 2019

Today’s special guest blog post was written by David Kennedy, Senior Marketing Specialist at Patron Technology product, ShowClix. ShowClix provides an enterprise event ticketing solution to tens of thousands of live events around the world. Their experience gives them invaluable first-hand insights into the logistics and technology needed for urgent pre-event and on-site communication.

No matter what season your festival is taking place, it’s important to have a communication plan set in case unexpected weather issues arise. When you have to make the tough call to postpone or cancel part or all of your festival, you want to make sure your attendees are in the know as soon as the decision is made. Luckily, festival organizers have more options at their disposal than ever before to stay in quick, easy contact with ticket buyers! Read on for our breakdown of what you need to do to communicate in the event of a weather delay. 

Update Online Content 

It’s essential that all of your public-facing content platforms are up-to-date with the most current information! These platforms, including your website and app, act as information hubs for attendees, so details about weather-related postponement or changes should be no exception. With a content management solution like Marcato, you can make quick changes to your festival schedule and artist lineup, and automatically push these updates to all of your platforms. As a bonus, these changes will also be reflected instantly on artist, vendor, and staff itineraries, ensuring all backend personnel have access to the most up-to-date information as well.  

Send Emails  

Email is one of the most efficient ways to formally alert your guests about any weather-related changes to your festival. With a ticketing platform like ShowClix, you can easily send an email directly from their integrated email system, or you can download a list of your ticket buyers and upload it directly into an email platform such as MailChimp, to ensure all attendees receive important communications. When crafting your email, be sure to write a strong, clear subject line explaining the situation (for example: “Open Immediately – PrimaFest Schedule Update” or “Postponed – Urgent PrimaFest Info”). In the body, share only pertinent details, be specific, and answer potential questions proactively. Be sure to also include information regarding if and when to expect future updates, what attendees should do with their tickets in the meantime, and contact information if they have any further questions.

Post Social Media Messages

With its viral potential, social media is one of the most powerful tools you can use in spreading the word about festival updates. Share several updates throughout the day (or days) on your social feeds with all the schedule changes clearly listed out. Encourage followers to repost and share your announcements to get the news out as quickly as possible. Also, pin posts with the most up-to-date information to the top of your accounts so it’s the first thing ticket buyers see when they visit your profiles.

Push Mobile App Notifications

In the event of weather-related delays or cancellations, event mobile apps like Greencopper can also serve as a powerful communication tool. With a mobile app, you can push personalized notifications to all users, guaranteeing you’ll reach the audience who is most actively engaged with your festival. Push notifications should be brief and list out the schedule changes. You can direct ticket buyers to your website for more detailed information. If your festival is not yet set up with a mobile app solution, an event SMS system can be a good mobile messaging alternative.

Utilize Your Talent’s Following 

Assuming many of your ticket buyers follow the talent or vendors participating at your festival, ask them to post your announcements on their social accounts and other mediums as well. This will further increase the likelihood that attendees receive the news. To ensure only correct information is disseminated, write a sample post and request that they use your text when they share an update. Make sure their posts include a call to action for ticket buyers to go to your website or app for continued updates regarding scheduling.

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