Road Journal: OpenAir St.Gallen

August 28, 2019

By Ashley MacDonald | July 3, 2019

This past week, I got the chance to return to beautiful St. Gallen, Switzerland for the second year in a row to provide on-site support for OpenAir St.Gallen.

Taking place in a lush valley just outside of the city, OASG is one of Switzerland's largest and longest-running multi-genre music festivals. OASG uses Marcato to mass-manage the details of thousands of volunteers, production staff members, and festival guests. They also rely heavily on our system to manage and distribute the complex credentials used by these various contacts throughout the event.

The best part about providing on-site support for OASG was observing event staff as they interacted with our system. I frequently found myself just sitting back as staff members taught one another where to click or how to do something, rarely coming to me with an issue or a question. To me, this really exemplified how user-friendly Marcato is once everything is up and running as it should be!

In my free time, I got the chance to see a performance by festival headliner, Florence + the Machine. I have always been a big fan of hers, but had never seen her live up until this point; her performance was truly breathtaking. I didn't get the chance to catch many other acts, but it was really cool just walking around the OASG grounds. Having been there a day before the festival began, it was incredible to see the transformation from the site still being built, to being full of thousands of people the next day.

It's a beautiful thing witnessing first-hand a music festival bringing people together in ways unlike anything else! And it's really incredible knowing that our system is integral to the event operations that makes such a unique experience possible.

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