Road Journal: Keystone Comic Con

August 28, 2019

By Justin Moffatt | August 28, 2019

Taking place in the great city of Philadelphia, Keystone Comic Con by ReedPOP is an epic three-day event celebrating the best of comics, pop culture, and gaming. This year, attendees came dressed in their best cosplay and enjoyed appearances by Spider-Man, a few of the Weasleys, some cast members from the Star Trek universe, and more!

For Keystone, ReedPOP utilized Marcato in conjunction with other Patron Technology products to manage the intake and advancement of artists, volunteers, exhibitors, and talent, assign and distribute the complex credentials used by these various contacts, and streamline their event website. Marcato played a huge role in helping the Keystone team manage schedule changes on the fly, feeding updates directly into their website and app. With our robust content management tool, they were able to effortlessly keep attendees in the know about when their favorite actors would be making appearances.

Comic conventions are unique and dynamic events that require real-time updating, so I was primarily on-site to help aid Keystone’s production staff with credential assignments and event schedule feeds. It was an awesome experience being behind the scenes, watching the event producers deploy such an organized vendor floor and complex schedule. Everything really came together in a cohesive way. 

Featuring legendary comic talent, a massive artist alley, top comic publishers, iconic celebrities and so much more, Keystone went all out to offer an incredible experience for fans of all ages and fandoms. I spent most of my free time in the gaming center playing first-person shooter and sports games on various vintage and modern consoles. I like to fancy myself a semi-pro gamer, though that dream was a bit derailed after playing an actual gaming professional in Super Smash Bros.

ReedPOP runs a multitude of amazing fandom events across the country, and it was really exciting to see our partnership with them come to life at Keystone this past weekend. Marcato may be a “behind the scenes” tool, but it makes building and executing an event an incredibly seamless process. From managing major stars’ passes to building out the schedule of events, Marcato acted as the command center for Keystone’s operations, keeping all their event details centralized in one solution. 

In the spirit of Keystone, putting it in the words of Harry Potter, “Mischief Managed!”

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