Road Journal: Intersect by AWS

January 10, 2020

By David MacVicar | December 11, 2019

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of providing on-site support at Intersect by AWS. Built out on the Las Vegas Strip, Intersect is a music, technology, and art festival born out of the massive after party for AWS’s annual re:Invent conference. Open to the public for the first time this year, Intersect offered a jam-packed two-day experience featuring a world-class music lineup, futuristic art structures, and interactive gaming experiences. Marcato was implemented by the Intersect team to help streamline their festival operations in a few areas: 

Credential Management

Using Marcato’s Credential Management and Issuance System, the Intersect team was able to create and assign all credentials needed for the thousands of staff members it took to put on this massive event. With public web forms, bulk importing, and a group credential manager, managing requests and allocating the correct credentials to staff members was a breeze. Using in-depth reporting tools, the Intersect team was then able to track credential inventory levels and limits in real-time.

Asset Management

With so many production departments coming together to create this incredible event site, asset management was a key priority for the Intersect team. Marcato’s Asset Tracking and Issuance System allowed for streamlined asset inventory building, as well as secure requests and approvals. Department leads were able to quickly advance the number of radios, golf carts, and other physical assets needed for their teams to build out the festival site, while securely tracking the check-out and check-in process. 

Catering Management

Marcato’s intelligent catering tools allowed the Intersect team to create and assign all staff meal credentials needed for the duration of the festival. With credentials issued, staff could easily scan into designated catering areas and claim their meals. Throughout the production process, the Intersect team was able to accurately track staff meal histories with live reporting functionality. These insights helped them reconcile with catering partners, eliminating unnecessary food waste and staying on top of their budget. 

My on-site experience at Intersect was nothing short of incredible. 30+ performances on 3 immersive indoor stages, digital art installations, post-apocalyptic dodgeball tournaments, a 500-drone light show starring Kacey Musgraves, and 1 million square feet of interactive experiences… how can you go wrong? Watching the Foo Fighters tear up the stage was definitely a personal highlight. On top of that, seeing Marcato perform at an event of this size and scale made me so proud and excited to be a part of the industry.

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