5 Creative Festival Sponsorship Ideas

January 29, 2020

Festival season is right around the corner, bringing with it all the food, fun, and entertainment attendees crave. Festival sponsors help you fund these experiences, making them invaluable to your organization. But with so many festivals out there, how can you cut through the noise and entice their sponsorship dollars? Our event operations experts have put together a list of 5 creative festival sponsorship ideas sure to help you stand out in a crowded field, and fill up your roster in no time.

Mobile Charging Stations

In this digital age, all of your attendees will be carrying a smartphone around with them throughout your festival. And, if you want to encourage your attendees to use their phones to engage with you and post about your event, they’ll need a place to charge them. Offering a sponsored mobile charging station is the perfect solution. Your sponsor’s brand will be prominently displayed in a high traffic area, and your attendees will have all the juice they need to keep them connected for hours on end. 

With a Greencopper mobile app, you can even send attendees automated push notifications when their phone battery drops to a certain percentage. This notification will then prompt attendees to open a map highlighting all mobile charging stations throughout your festival site. This feature offers additional value to your sponsor by directly sending attendees to their branded areas. 

Festival Wi-Fi

Speaking of keeping attendees connected, offering sponsored festival Wi-Fi access is a must! With sponsored Wi-Fi, you’ll please your attendees by allowing them to use their phones without using up their data, and your sponsor will be exposed to every connected attendee as they grace them with the gift of the internet! To amplify the value of this sponsorship opportunity, make sure to prominently display branded signs with Wi-Fi details throughout your festival site and on your app. You can even link to your sponsor’s website on a unique Wi-Fi landing page, offering them more visibility. 

Photo Stations

Photo stations allow attendees to take photos and videos that are then immediately sent to their email for them to post online through the RFID wristbands that are used to admit them into your festival site. No matter what type of festival you’re hosting, a photo station is always certain to be a hit, so why not offer your sponsors a piece of the action? With a sponsored photo station, you can display your sponsor's branding directly on and around the booth, as well as on the border of the photos and videos that are sent to attendees’ emails! With Thuzi’s experiential marketing solution, you can level up your RFID photo stations further by adding custom overlays and making attendees’ photos into an animated gif!

AR Wayfinding

If you’re looking for an experiential and unique way for your sponsors to get in front of attendees, AR Wayfinding is the perfect medium. As a feature of your festival’s mobile app, AR Wayfinding is an innovative way for brands to come to life on your sitemap. Stronger and more eye-catching than classic “sponsored by” ad displays, AR Wayfinding allows users to check the nearest points of interest around them by simply waving their phone. Sponsored booths can be prominently displayed on this activation, increasing the likelihood that attendees will see your sponsors' branding and visit their booths. Want to learn more? Check out this video to see how BottleRock uses Greencopper’s AR Wayfinding feature. 

Entertainment Area 

While attendees crave connectivity, they also want to enjoy unique experiences that offer them respite from constantly being online. In this vein, how about creating a sponsored “play area?” Attendees will enjoy the novelty of a life-size chessboard, a giant game of Connect Four, or even a ball-pit, and your sponsors will be associated with one of the most memorable parts of your festival! You can get creative and make branded game pieces that will be sure to make it in any photos of the entertainment area. You could also gamify this area by creating a leaderboard that attendees can scan-in with their RFID wristband to record and display their scores for everyone to see. 

Festival sponsors are critical for your event, so be innovative and think outside the box to create unique opportunities for them to connect with attendees. We hope some of these ideas will provide inspiration for you this upcoming festival season! 

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